Sunshine Joy

Simple and light, a story of mine, to show the shine, God's love brings joy.

Friday, August 06, 2004

It's Friday!

Well it's Friday again! Hahah.. a time to relax after one whole week of early meetings, sick, MC and all... Wow, work is not easy man. Nevermind, Friday is always the best for me!! Nevermind staying at home, no good movies to watch (watched iRobot last week, great show!). Oh, did I tell you that waking up so early in the morning, A FRIDAY MORNING for a meeting is such a dread??? Other days are still acceptable, but not Friday.. What's new? Meetings and meetings and meetings all day long.

Well, the good thing is, Christian Fellowship at lunch break. Learned about the "childlike art" we need to have before God. Simple, pure, trust, faith. Well it's quite easy to say, but when you come to the real world, in a competative company, your faith is really challenged you know. But we have real experienced ppl inside the CF, passing down testimonies and experience, what a joy to know that you can still stay strong in your faith among the "difficult world" today.

Going home... Oh man... I have 4 alternative roads to go home.. and EVERY road is so jam. Dunno what is wrong with Penang on Fridays, jammed for nothing. Anyway I took the longest way home, why??? Because I do not want to be a typical Penang driver who cuts long traffic queue. Sometimes you wonder... everyone can wait.. why not this fella????

Malaysian Idol at night. Wildcard selection. Boy, they are all so good.. Wonder if those established singers right now compete with them... will these singers actually win???

okie better stop now. Received complains that I'm too indulged into this. Till next time, cya! Jesus loves you and He's real cool too!